Concentrated cleaner and disinfectant, designed to treat the premises, equipment, vehicles and spots used for rubbish and animal or plant waste collection (dustbins, containers, storage premises, etc.), transport (waste collecting bins, etc.) and treatment (waste chutes ducts, slop sinks, collective chutes, waste collection sites, etc.).
Can be used in disinfecting centres, manually or to fill up sprayers.
Diluted, non-corrosive for treated surfaces and compatible with stainless steel.
This product is made with 97.9% plant-based or mineral ingredients and is naturally fragranced. Free from colourings.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Highly concentrated acidic rinsing and drying agent for dishwashers. Leaves tableware dry, sparkling and smudge-free even at low temperature. Effective from 60°C without needing to increase the dose, can be used with all types of waters, even very hard water (up to 400 mg CaCO3/L) and with all types of professional dishwashers. Prevents ejector pump scaling. Its non-foaming surfactants control foaming in the dishwasher.



Non-foaming alkaline detergent compliant with food contact regulations, particularly recommended to clean and degrease extremely dirty industrial floors, does not foam and can therefore be used with automatic floor cleaners.
Can also be used in various applications such as taking off posters and wallpaper, cleaning lorry tarpaulins and cleaning boilers.
Fragrance-free, meaning it is perfect in the agri-food industry to remove oils and mineral, vegetable and animal greases.


LAV 1000

Concentrated degreasing detergent to clean and remove greases on floors, walls, surfaces and utensils, can also be used to clean hoods and dirty filters.
Removes grime, fats, oils, rubber smears and any other stubborn deposit on all types of surfaces.
Compatible with automatic floor cleaners, can be used to clean very dirty floors.



High-remanence Deodorising Disinfecting Detergent (3D) (4 to 6 hours) for floors and surfaces. Cleans and disinfects floors and leaves a lasting fragrance, requires no rinsing and can be used on all washable surfaces: thermoplastics, tiles, marble, ceramic
Designed for regular maintenance of premises thanks to its neutral pH, leaves a pleasant, lasting fragrance. Some fragrances comply with food contact regulations.
Disinfecting properties: Bactericidal in accordance with standard EN 1276. Active on Adenoviruses in accordance with standard 14476.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Pro Plonge V is a washing-up liquid for manual dishwashing, certified by the European ECOLABEL, to effectively degrease and leave tableware, glassware and kitchen utensils sparkling. Dries quickly without leaving marks.
Tested under dermatological control*, high-tolerance even when used frequently and for sensitive skins thanks to its specific formula and neutral pH.
Made with 98% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from fragrances (in accordance with the European ECOLABEL for professional washing-up products), colourings and allergens.
* test assessing the product's primary skin-irritancy potential after single application under a semi-occlusive patch for 24 hours in adult volunteers with sensitive skin.



Strong-remanence disinfectant used to clean, deodorise and sanitise washable surfaces: thermoplastics, tiles, marble, ceramic, linoleum, cement, etc.
Perfect for using in schools, offices, retirement homes, hospitals, collective structures, residences for bin storage areas, hallways, toilets, pets' corners, sanitary facilities
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.


PLONGE Désinfectant

Strong manual dishwashing detergent with degreasing and disinfecting properties (bactericidal, levuricidal, fungicidal, virucidal).
Removes unpleasant smells thanks to its lemony fragrance.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Sanitising processing aid for the treatment of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and salads by soaking before rinsing. This stabilised chlorine solution is used to keep vegetables longer and make them easier to prepare, without denaturing them.
Essential in central kitchens, public and private collective restaurants, hotels, medium and large supermarket laboratories and in the agri-food industry.
Use processing aids with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Highly effective sanitary surface scale remover for all limescale and soap deposits and cement film residues, with very high wetting properties in order to lift up dirt. Can be used on all sanitary surfaces (showers, tiles, taps, toilets, washbasins, etc.) and floors (tomette tiles, cement, etc.). Safe for pipes and septic tanks.