IC 002

Non-selective contact herbicide with pelargonic acid. Designed for:
– controlling adventitious presence in non-farming areas: weeding, paths, parks, gardens, pavements, cemeteries, roads and around trees, shrubs, rose bushes as well as ornamental, fruit and vegetable cultures.
– general treatments, killing moss and algae.
237.59g/L (24.3% m/m) of pelargonic acid in the form of an aqueous emulsion. Plant-based product.
Biocontrol products are naturally-sourced products or products that mimic a natural molecule, to limit environmental impact, registration number for the distribution of phytopharmaceutical products to professional users: BO 10729.

  • Prevents shortages and overdoses during treatments.
  • Safe for the plants to be protected.
  • Temporary blue discolouration that disappears rapidly with rain or watering, or in a few days in sunlight.
Packaging: Carton 12 x 1 L
Application: Used dosage: 0.125 L/hL
Fragrance(s) and reference(s):

Fragrance-free – 69977/12X1

Dangerous. Observe safety precautions.

safety sheet

technical sheet

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