Recommended to clean the bodywork of all types of vehicles and for the maintenance of tarpaulins, wheel rims, chassis, etc. Has excellent degreasing properties and leaves no white marks when used with pure water. Removes the static film on lorry and car paintwork to make cleaning easier.
Is not harsh on paintwork with the recommended usage concentration. Anionic and non-ionic surface agents, sequestering agents, hydroxyl solvents

  • Alternative solution on the official list of biocontrol plant protection products containing natural substances of plant origin. Can be used and is recommended as part of an annual weed control programme.
  • Multi-purpose : 12 registrations
  • Very fast-acting: symptoms visible 3 hours after treatment
  • Easy to apply: Works on contact
Packaging: Carton 4 x 5 L
Application: Single dosage (13 mL/sqm)
Fragrance(s) and reference(s):

Fragrance-free – 71300/5

Dangerous. Observe safety precautions.

safety sheet

technical sheet

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