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Introducing our latest work-study contract workers

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September was marked by new arrivals in the company. 🌸

We were delighted to welcome 4 new work-study contracts :

  • Emma 👩‍💼 (HR Department, Master’s Degree in HR) : Emma is implementing her skills in the field of Human Resources with a Master’s Degree, and brings a thorough understanding of modern staff management practices to the company.
  • Naellia 👩‍💻 (Sales Admin Department, BTS in Management of Sales Activities) : Naellia, who specialises in the field of sales administration and is studying for a BTS in Management of Sales Activities, is a valued addition to our Sales Admin Department, with her sales management expertise.
  • Lucie 👩‍🔬 (Laboratory, BUT in Biological Engineer) : Lucie, who has started her third year of BUT in Biological Engineer, brings her scientific skills to our laboratory, as well as her commitment towards research and development and Quality.
  • Elena 👩‍🏫 (Marketing Department, Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication) : Elena, with her skills in marketing and communication, brings a strategic perspective to our marketing team and can perfect her skills as part of her Master’s Degree.

It is particularly important for us to welcome work-study contracts to our company. Not only do they bring new ideas and skills derived from the most recent training courses, but they also stimulate innovation within the team. This approach demonstrates our commitment to continuous training, to reinforce the skills required to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving business world

Hygiene & Nature’s work-study programme represents a significant investment in training, to ensure young talents acquire the required knowledge to successfully perform in their future professional career.

Welcoming work-study contracts is beneficial for the company and for society, by offering young people a crucial opportunity to successfully start their professional career.

Welcome ! 🎉

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qu'est-ce que la saponification

What is saponification ?

qu'est-ce que la saponification

Saponification is a chemical process through which fatty substances, such as oils or butters, interact with an alkali, such as soda or potash, to form soap. We specifically use potash detergent, which is perfect to produce soft and liquid soaps.

Soda is used to produce solid soaps.

Here we use potash detergent to manufacture soft and liquid soaps.

The chemical reaction forms a combination of saponified oils and glycerine. To perfect our finished products, such as black soap or soap-based detergents, we add carefully selected additives.

– Gellants or salts to increase viscosity

– Biodegradable sequestering agents to improve performance, conservation and stability

– Fragrances to add a pleasant or distinctive smell.

For the in-house saponification of our soap detergents, we use specific oils for their distinct properties :

– Copra oil (derived from the dried flesh of coconut): produces soap with strong foaming and detergent properties.

– Olive pomace oil (by-product derived from the extraction of pure olive oil, containing the pulp and fragments of kernels): particularly used to manufacture Marseilles soap, the saponified oils are derived from upcycling.

– Linseed oil: used to produce degreasing soaps that protect surfaces.

Most of our finished detergent products expertly combine several saponified oils to couple their actions and properties and ensure outstanding performance.

At Hygiene & Nature, we are proud to guarantee 100% made in Dijon production. Thanks to this proximity, we can supply products of unrivalled quality and support our commitment to local sustainability. Our soap-based detergents will take you on an outstanding cleaning experience, which has been carefully manufactured in the beautiful city of Dijon.

passage bidon

Switch to recycled plastic for all our containers

passage bidon

For over a year, after much research, numerous team discussions and real-size tests, we have successfully switched from virgin plastic bottles to bottles and drums made of recycled, as well as fully recyclable, plastic!

Our 500 mL and 1 L PET bottles are now made from 100% recycled material. Furthermore, our 500 mL, 750 mL, 1 L and 5 L HDPE bottles are now manufactured with 30 to 50% recycled material, and of course they are still 100% recyclable. This demonstrates our continued commitment to having a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly supply chain.

The recycling of drums plays an essential role in preserving the environment, conserving resources, reducing waste and creating a sustainable, circular economy. It is therefore essential for individuals, businesses and governments to support and take an active part in these recycling efforts.

By choosing these new materials, we can contribute to the circular economy and can reduce our environmental footprint.

Benefits of recycled plastic :

  • Promotes plastic waste recycling
  • Reduces energy and resource consumption (gas, water, oil, etc.)
  • Falls within the sustainable development approach
  • Contributes to carbon neutrality

Naturally, we ensured these recycled plastics were compatible with our products and we validated identical quantities to continue supplying products that meet your expectations.

At Hygiene & Nature, we are constantly looking for new materials, innovations, ideas in order to reduce our environmental footprint and so that our partners can benefit from it as well. We continue working alongside our suppliers to take it one step further…

Let’s create a greener, brighter future together !


Introducing H&N

Take a guided tour of our premises ! 🏭

At Hygiene & Nature, we are proud to show you our installations, which combine quality and expertise. 🏢

🔬 With our in-house laboratory and strict quality control standards, we are committed to supplying products that meet the highest requirements. With cutting-edge equipment and a dedicated team of experts, we carry out thorough analyses to guarantee product purity, safety and performance. Strict quality control standards are implemented at every step of production to ensure every batch meets the strictest standards.

🏭 With 9 manufacturing tanks and 7 packaging lines, we have the capacity to produce both quantity and quality, and to adapt products to your specific requirements.

💡 With our dosing machine, we can supply concentrated formats. These concentrated formats are practical and effective. This technology sets us apart, as we are able to meet evolving market needs by offering solutions that meet a variety of applications.

📦 With 3 well-organised warehouses, we are able to store and manage our inventory efficiently, in order to meet your requests without delay. By carefully monitoring our stocks, we ensure constant product availability, meaning you will be supplied without shortages.

🚚 We also have 3 loading docks to facilitate the delivery process and ensure quick and safe shipping of our products to our clients. Efficient logistics are a key part of our commitment towards client satisfaction.

At Hygiene & Nature, we use our expertise and experience to meet your specific needs in a personalised way. Whether you are looking for bespoke products, technical assistance or expert advice, we are there for you.

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New production line

Our new automatic debimetric filling machine was installed and commissioned.

This new production line, which is called Stoppil 4, will help us cater for new markets and has a number of benefits :
➕ Adaptability: formats between 100 mL and 5 L
➕ Speed: between 900 and 5,100 containers per hour
➕ Working comfort: under 60 dB when standing 1 metre from the machine

This new line was commissioned in April and has already been fully mastered by our line conductors and production operators


Picnic between colleague


A relaxing moment before a well-deserved weekend.
The group dedicated to improving work conditions came up with a fun initiative: a friendly, relaxing picnic with all our teams.
Everyone was able to enjoy a relaxing moment outdoors, and it was a good way to strengthen relationships between colleagues and encourage the creation of bonds within the company.
Employees were able to unwind and have fun in an informal, friendly atmosphere.