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For over a year, after much research, numerous team discussions and real-size tests, we have successfully switched from virgin plastic bottles to bottles and drums made of recycled, as well as fully recyclable, plastic!

Our 500 mL and 1 L PET bottles are now made from 100% recycled material. Furthermore, our 500 mL, 750 mL, 1 L and 5 L HDPE bottles are now manufactured with 30 to 50% recycled material, and of course they are still 100% recyclable. This demonstrates our continued commitment to having a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly supply chain.

The recycling of drums plays an essential role in preserving the environment, conserving resources, reducing waste and creating a sustainable, circular economy. It is therefore essential for individuals, businesses and governments to support and take an active part in these recycling efforts.

By choosing these new materials, we can contribute to the circular economy and can reduce our environmental footprint.

Benefits of recycled plastic :

  • Promotes plastic waste recycling
  • Reduces energy and resource consumption (gas, water, oil, etc.)
  • Falls within the sustainable development approach
  • Contributes to carbon neutrality

Naturally, we ensured these recycled plastics were compatible with our products and we validated identical quantities to continue supplying products that meet your expectations.

At Hygiene & Nature, we are constantly looking for new materials, innovations, ideas in order to reduce our environmental footprint and so that our partners can benefit from it as well. We continue working alongside our suppliers to take it one step further…

Let’s create a greener, brighter future together !