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September was marked by new arrivals in the company. 🌸

We were delighted to welcome 4 new work-study contracts :

  • Emma 👩‍💼 (HR Department, Master’s Degree in HR) : Emma is implementing her skills in the field of Human Resources with a Master’s Degree, and brings a thorough understanding of modern staff management practices to the company.
  • Naellia 👩‍💻 (Sales Admin Department, BTS in Management of Sales Activities) : Naellia, who specialises in the field of sales administration and is studying for a BTS in Management of Sales Activities, is a valued addition to our Sales Admin Department, with her sales management expertise.
  • Lucie 👩‍🔬 (Laboratory, BUT in Biological Engineer) : Lucie, who has started her third year of BUT in Biological Engineer, brings her scientific skills to our laboratory, as well as her commitment towards research and development and Quality.
  • Elena 👩‍🏫 (Marketing Department, Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication) : Elena, with her skills in marketing and communication, brings a strategic perspective to our marketing team and can perfect her skills as part of her Master’s Degree.

It is particularly important for us to welcome work-study contracts to our company. Not only do they bring new ideas and skills derived from the most recent training courses, but they also stimulate innovation within the team. This approach demonstrates our commitment to continuous training, to reinforce the skills required to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving business world

Hygiene & Nature’s work-study programme represents a significant investment in training, to ensure young talents acquire the required knowledge to successfully perform in their future professional career.

Welcoming work-study contracts is beneficial for the company and for society, by offering young people a crucial opportunity to successfully start their professional career.

Welcome ! 🎉

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