Highly concentrated acidic rinsing and drying agent for dishwashers. Leaves tableware dry, sparkling and smudge-free even at low temperature. Effective from 60°C without needing to increase the dose, can be used with all types of waters, even very hard water (up to 400 mg CaCO3/L) and with all types of professional dishwashers. Prevents ejector pump scaling. Its non-foaming surfactants control foaming in the dishwasher.



This ready-to-use product is used for the simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and small objects. Kills numerous germs and prevents contamination risks. It complies with the disinfection standards for collective structures and the medical sector and is effective against Coronaviruses.
Complies with food contact regulations, particularly recommended in collective kitchens (restaurants, canteens, etc.) to clean walls, doors, cold rooms, trolleys, refrigerators, counters, equipment, etc. as well as in the agri-food industry.
Disinfecting properties: bactericidal, levuricidal, fungicidal, virucidal. EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13697 and EN 14476 (full spectrum). M.A. No 8800644: ready-to-use product derived from the Dyacil Maxi concentrated formula.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.


LAV 1000

Concentrated degreasing detergent to clean and remove greases on floors, walls, surfaces and utensils, can also be used to clean hoods and dirty filters.
Removes grime, fats, oils, rubber smears and any other stubborn deposit on all types of surfaces.
Compatible with automatic floor cleaners, can be used to clean very dirty floors.



Concentrated cleaner and disinfectant, designed to treat the premises, equipment, vehicles and spots used for rubbish and animal or plant waste collection (dustbins, containers, storage premises, etc.), transport (waste collecting bins, etc.) and treatment (waste chutes ducts, slop sinks, collective chutes, waste collection sites, etc.).
Can be used in disinfecting centres, manually or to fill up sprayers.
Diluted, non-corrosive for treated surfaces and compatible with stainless steel.
This product is made with 97.9% plant-based or mineral ingredients and is naturally fragranced. Free from colourings.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Specifically designed to remove all types of cooked greases and oily deposits easily, immediately and effortlessly, can be used on all types of griddles: stainless steel, rolled steel, cast iron, chrome plating (with the exception of aluminium and surfaces sensitive to alkaline products). Can also be used on barbecues, hot plates and cooking grids.
Compliant with food contact regulations, easy to use and acts quickly, an essential in the hotel and catering industry.


PLONGE Désinfectant

Strong manual dishwashing detergent with degreasing and disinfecting properties (bactericidal, levuricidal, fungicidal, virucidal).
Removes unpleasant smells thanks to its lemony fragrance.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Sanitising processing aid for the treatment of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and salads by soaking before rinsing. This stabilised chlorine solution is used to keep vegetables longer and make them easier to prepare, without denaturing them.
Essential in central kitchens, public and private collective restaurants, hotels, medium and large supermarket laboratories and in the agri-food industry.
Use processing aids with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Descaling cleaner for dishwashers and earthenware floors. Its powerful action quickly descales dishwashers. Solubilizes insoluble carbonates, calcium and magnesium salts.
Can also be used to deep-clean earthenware floors.



Dispersing, deodorising grease remover, dissolves animal and vegetable fats in
grease tanks, pipes, septic tanks and sewage systems. Disperses fats and prevents grease traps and pipes from being clogged. Promotes bacteria action and eliminates sources of unpleasant smells.
Does not interfere with the micro-organisms used to degrade effluents,



Fragranced powdered laundry detergent, highly concentrated in active ingredients, with an excellent alkaline reserve. Can be used for all textiles (whites, colours, cotton and synthetics) and is particularly recommended to wash laundry in clinics, retirement homes, hospitals, hotels, etc. in all types of collective or individual washing machines equipped with dosage dispensers.
This laundry detergent contains a cleaning activator and enzymes, to effectively eliminate all types of dirt and stains from 30°C, even in very hard water. Phosphate-free, thus contributing to protecting the environment.