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Ecocert-certified, no-rinse, ready-to-use disinfectant for all surfaces with food contact. With hydrogen peroxide and free from solvents, alcohol, VOCs, chlorine, bleach, quaternary ammonium, fragrance, glutaraldehyde and colourings.
– for sanitary facilities (taps, showers, floors and toilet bowls), surfaces (door handles, switches, railings), objects, equipment and furniture with no direct food contact in the medical and hospital sectors, in paramedical and institutional sectors, in the tertiary sector, in hotels, gyms and changing rooms, etc. Also effective against bad smells including damp odours and dustbin smells.
– for premises (including collective central kitchens) and equipment used to produce food products (including drinking water) for human and animal consumption.
Also effective against unpleasant smells including damp odours and dustbin smells.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using. MA No: FR-2019-0069 (held by HYGIENE ET NATURE – F-21600 Longvic)

  • No rinsing
  • Approved for surfaces in contact with foodstuffs
  • Active against unpleasant odours
  • Broad spectrum of effectiveness
  • 100% of the ingredients are of plant or mineral origin

Detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT “EcoDétergent” standard available on http://detergents.ecocert.com


Packaging: Carton 12 x 750 mL - Carton 4 x 5 L
Application: Pure in a spray
Fragrance(s) and reference(s):

Fragrance-free – 377078/12X750 – 377078/5

Certification: ECOCERT
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions.

safety sheet

technical sheet

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