No-rinse multisurface office cleaner with very strong degreasing properties, dries quickly, doesn't smear and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Easily removes traces of ink, finger marks, grease, etc.
Perfect in offices: telephones, computer equipment, windows, ceramic, stainless steel, mirrors, laminate floorings, shiny surfaces, etc.
99.5% of ingredients are naturally sourced.


SPEED-NET Eucalyptus

Multipurpose alkaline product with very high cleaning and degreasing properties.
Its concentrated formula is incredibly effective and suitable for all purposes. Leaves a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance after use.
This ready-to-use product can be used on stainless steel, thermoplastics, hoods, filters, tables, modern surfaces, floors, walls and counters among other materials.
Removes black smears left by shoes, oil, grease, sludge, soot, ink, glue, nicotine as well as mineral, animal and plant grime.



Strong-remanence disinfectant used to clean, deodorise and sanitise washable surfaces: thermoplastics, tiles, marble, ceramic, linoleum, cement, etc.
Perfect for using in schools, offices, retirement homes, hospitals, collective structures, residences for bin storage areas, hallways, toilets, pets' corners, sanitary facilities
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



This detergent neutralises the most stubborn of greases thanks to the ammonia it contains. Particularly suitable for the cleaning of windows, its detergent and wetting properties mean it is a comprehensive cleaning product with multiple uses (enamel, earthenware, porcelain, tiles, sinks, bathtubs, cookers, vinyl floors, paint, plastics, car seats, laminated panels, etc.).
Easy to dose and more economical thanks to its concentrated formula and applicator cap.



Marseilles soap flakes are recommended for hand and machine-washing, they are a natural and effective alternative to manufactured detergents!
These ECOCERT-certified, Extra Pure Marseilles soap flakes gently wash all delicate textiles and are particularly recommended for baby laundry.
They comply with the craft production charter of the Union of Marseilles soap makers (UPSM): they are produced in Marseilles, in accordance with the traditional cauldron cooking process, made with exclusively vegetable oils and free from chemical additives (colourings, fragrances, preservatives, etc.).
Our Marseilles soap flakes are 100% naturally-sourced and certified by ECOCERT.



All-purpose cleaner usable on all washable surfaces: counters, windows, mirrors, doors, tiles, cupboards, washable painted surfaces, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, formica, faux leather, fabrics, Skai, etc. Particularly effective on stainless steel.
Dissolves, removes stains and emulsifies stubborn grime not removed by strong soap, and gives a brilliant sparkle. Leaves a pleasant apple fragrance.



Genuine black soap with linseed oil is a powerful cleaner, grease and stain remover for use around the home. Perfect to deeply nourish and protect all modern and traditional surfaces.
Genuine black soap can also be used on walls, sanitary facilities, cookers, ceramic, etc.
Great for removing blood and stubborn stains, cleans and polishes copper and silver. Cleans, maintains and nourishes leather (sofas, inside of cars, jackets, saddlery, shoes, etc.), and removes soot from chimney inserts.
99.6% of ingredients are naturally-sourced.



Neutral multisurface cleaner certified in accordance with the European ECOLABEL, removes grime and dirt from washable surfaces and surface coatings, whether or not they are protected by an emulsion. Cleans, removes grease and stains and leaves a fresh plant fragrance in the premises.
Perfect for regular maintenance of floors and hard surfaces in hospitals, schools, shopping centres, hotels, offices, restaurants, kitchens, etc.
Made with 97% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from preservatives and allergens.



Glass, window, mirror and glazed and enamelled surface cleaner, highly concentrated in active ingredients to effectively remove all greasy substances, stains and grime, detach filth and dissolve grease from glazed surfaces, even in direct sunlight; wipes easily and leaves no rings or smears.
Does not discolour and alter paint and anodised aluminium



Multipurpose cleaner specifically designed for delicate maintenance of all surfaces and objects including: telephones, laminated desktops, washable and enamelled paint, cathode televisions, computer equipment, sanitary facilities, windows, mirrors, etc. Its detergent and grease-removing properties mean it is particularly effective on hard surfaces.
Dries quickly, is gentle on the hands and is an excellent alternative to ethyl and methyl alcohol, for which there are strict regulations in terms of storage and use.