Multipurpose cleaner specifically designed for delicate maintenance of all surfaces and objects including: telephones, laminated desktops, washable and enamelled paint, cathode televisions, computer equipment, sanitary facilities, windows, mirrors, etc. Its detergent and grease-removing properties mean it is particularly effective on hard surfaces.
Dries quickly, is gentle on the hands and is an excellent alternative to ethyl and methyl alcohol, for which there are strict regulations in terms of storage and use.

  • For small maintenance jobs
  • Dries quickly
  • Does not damage hands
Packaging: Carton 12 x 750 mL
Application: Ready-to-use in a spray
Fragrance(s) and reference(s):

Fragrance-free – 333020/12X750

Dangerous. Observe safety precautions.

safety sheet

technical sheet

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