Spray 500 ml

SPEED-NET Eucalyptus

Multipurpose alkaline product with very high cleaning and degreasing properties.
Its concentrated formula is incredibly effective and suitable for all purposes. Leaves a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance after use.
This ready-to-use product can be used on stainless steel, thermoplastics, hoods, filters, tables, modern surfaces, floors, walls and counters among other materials.
Removes black smears left by shoes, oil, grease, sludge, soot, ink, glue, nicotine as well as mineral, animal and plant grime.

  • Ready to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Approved for food contact
Packaging: Carton 12 x 750 mL - Carton 4 x 5 L
Application: Ready-to-use in a spray
Fragrance(s) and reference(s):

Eucalyptus – 333030/12X750

Dangerous. Observe safety precautions.

safety sheet

technical sheet

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