This chlorinated alkaline disinfecting detergent, which complies with food contact regulations, is particularly recommended in the agri-food industry. It has excellent degreasing properties to remove organic dirt and greases, even the toughest, in circuits, surfaces, utensils, equipment (tanks, pipes, cutting tables, counters) and floors. Whitens polypropylene surfaces, resin and tiles.
Contains a limescale complexing agent, meaning it is effective in hard and soft waters.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Chlorinated alkaline disinfecting detergent with high foaming properties to simultaneously clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment in the agri-food industry. Its foam adheres to be able to treat vertical surfaces.
Designed to remove organic dirt and greases and whiten polypropylene surfaces, resin and tiles.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Concentrated cleaner specifically designed for the maintenance of all types of tiles and natural stones: sandstone, tomette tiles, marble, Comblanchien limestone, etc.
Cleans and removes all types of dirt, deeply nourishes and restores the satin aspect of treated surfaces. No-rinse, leaves a pleasant mint fragrance after use.



Liquid laundry detergent suitable for all textiles in professional environments. Effective at low temperature (30°C) and for all types of waters, acts thoroughly even on the toughest stains. Gentle on colours, does not leave any marks and leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance on the laundry.


DTU 13

Pure white soap with glycerine, manufactured in Marseilles using 100% vegetable oils.
Dual use:
- Body: gently cleanses the skin, with the glycerine offering moisturising properties and protecting against environmental damage
- Laundry: removes stains and degreases while being gentle on the skin. Free from colourings and fragrances and biodegradable in 28 days.



Recommended to clean the bodywork of all types of vehicles and for the maintenance of tarpaulins, wheel rims, chassis, etc. Has excellent degreasing properties and leaves no white marks when used with pure water. Removes the static film on lorry and car paintwork to make cleaning easier.
Is not harsh on paintwork with the recommended usage concentration. Anionic and non-ionic surface agents, sequestering agents, hydroxyl solvents


IC 002

Non-selective contact herbicide with pelargonic acid. Designed for:
- controlling adventitious presence in non-farming areas: weeding, paths, parks, gardens, pavements, cemeteries, roads and around trees, shrubs, rose bushes as well as ornamental, fruit and vegetable cultures.
- general treatments, killing moss and algae.
237.59g/L (24.3% m/m) of pelargonic acid in the form of an aqueous emulsion. Plant-based product.
Biocontrol products are naturally-sourced products or products that mimic a natural molecule, to limit environmental impact, registration number for the distribution of phytopharmaceutical products to professional users: BO 10729.



Algae, lichen and green deposit killer with a quaternary ammonium base; its formula is highly effective to kill algae, lichen and green deposits. It has a curative and lasting action. Can be used on most materials (roof tiles, concrete, stone, slates, fibro-cement, tennis court surfaces, slabs, cobblestones, etc.) with no risk of corrosion, discolouring, smears.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.