Marseilles soap flakes are recommended for hand and machine-washing, they are a natural and effective alternative to manufactured detergents!
These ECOCERT-certified, Extra Pure Marseilles soap flakes gently wash all delicate textiles and are particularly recommended for baby laundry.
They comply with the craft production charter of the Union of Marseilles soap makers (UPSM): they are produced in Marseilles, in accordance with the traditional cauldron cooking process, made with exclusively vegetable oils and free from chemical additives (colourings, fragrances, preservatives, etc.).
Our Marseilles soap flakes are 100% naturally-sourced and certified by ECOCERT.



Fragranced powdered laundry detergent, highly concentrated in active ingredients, with an excellent alkaline reserve. Can be used for all textiles (whites, colours, cotton and synthetics) and is particularly recommended to wash laundry in clinics, retirement homes, hospitals, hotels, etc. in all types of collective or individual washing machines equipped with dosage dispensers.
This laundry detergent contains a cleaning activator and enzymes, to effectively eliminate all types of dirt and stains from 30°C, even in very hard water. Phosphate-free, thus contributing to protecting the environment.



Fabric softener, softens and perfumes laundry and makes cleaning easier. Leaves laundry smooth and soft to the touch, reduces drying time, makes ironing easier and has an antistatic effect. Leaves a lasting fresh fragrance after ironing. Does not leave any residue on the laundry, in the dosing tanks or in the drum.



Sulphate-free laundry detergent with Marseilles soap flakes. The Marseilles soap used in our laundry detergent is cooked in cauldrons in Marseilles with 100% vegetable oils.
Granor V is highly concentrated in Marseilles soap and is suitable for all types of textile, for machine or hand-washing from 30°C. Hypoallergenic* and fragrance-free to respect event the most sensitive skins.
99.5% of ingredients are naturally-sourced.
* The composition excludes any substance currently listed as being responsible for skin allergies according to the EU's list of 26 allergens as well as any skin sensitizer, in order to reduce allergy risks



ECOCERT-certified, solvent-based degreaser recommended to clean and remove greases, oils, hydrocarbons and tyre marks on particularly hard to treat industrial floors. Sols Net V also removes old emulsion layers and is effective on most types of graffiti such as markers and aerosols.
Complies with food contact regulations, has outstanding degreasing properties on oils and greases, whether they are vegetable, animal or mineral fats. Can be used to treat surfaces, prepare rooms before painting, for maintenance of surfaces, for mechanical degreasing.
Made with 99.5% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from colourings, preservatives and allergens.



This bactericidal and virucidal laundry detergent cleans and destroys 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including coronaviruses. Effective from 40°C on all white and coloured laundry: underwear, sports gear, baby and children's laundry, home textiles, fabric masks, textiles in contact with animals and even laundry which doesn't stand up to high temperatures (synthetic fabrics).
Its formula, which has been tested in a microbiology laboratory and in a maintenance and cleaning research institute, takes care of your laundry*: the laundry doesn't become grey, it doesn't degrade fibres and colours and gives outstanding results thanks to its high concentration in surfactants.
Eliminates unpleasant smells and leaves the laundry pleasantly fresh.
99.7% of ingredients are plant-based and/or mineral.
* Do not use on wool and silk
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.