NET fruité

High-performance emulsion, leaves a long-lasting protective film that's resistant to cleaning operations (water, alcohol, detergents, disinfectants) and has a satin to shiny finish, depending on the polishing.
Spreads very well, making renovation operations easy.
Easy maintenance, reduces dirt deposit. Also reduces the frequency with which it needs to be renewed, as it can be repaired by polishing (scrapes and black smears).
Strips easily when the protective film has to be renewed.



Concentrated cleaner specifically designed for the maintenance of all types of tiles and natural stones: sandstone, tomette tiles, marble, Comblanchien limestone, etc.
Cleans and removes all types of dirt, deeply nourishes and restores the satin aspect of treated surfaces. No-rinse, leaves a pleasant mint fragrance after use.



Neutral multisurface cleaner certified in accordance with the European ECOLABEL, removes grime and dirt from washable surfaces and surface coatings, whether or not they are protected by an emulsion. Cleans, removes grease and stains and leaves a fresh plant fragrance in the premises.
Perfect for regular maintenance of floors and hard surfaces in hospitals, schools, shopping centres, hotels, offices, restaurants, kitchens, etc.
Made with 97% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from preservatives and allergens.



Acrylic base specifically designed to cover all porous coatings: natural and artificial stones, tiles, granite, tomette tiles, terracotta, linoleum, cork, wood, thermoplastics, PVC, rubber, marble, concrete, etc.
On a floor which is porous by nature or has become porous through wear and tear, it is necessary to apply a pore filler in order to fill defects and asperities, waterproof the floor and make it easier for the emulsion to adhere and remain over time. Waterproof, resistant to alcohol, detergents and scouring.
Also prevents dust accumulation and erosion of hard surfaces.


Décapant SR (STRIPPER)

Cleans treated floors and brings outstanding cleanliness to the protective film or the surface to be cleaned thanks to a "dry-cleaning" process. Dry stripping is used when renovation needs are superficial or localised in a small area, when there are significant time constraints or in water-sensitive areas (such as IT rooms).
With this technique, only the superficial layer is removed. Underlayers remain.
Also compatible for the cleaning of all modern floorings: tiles, marble, thermoplastics, wood (with the exception of cork), etc.



No-rinse neutral detergent for floors and all washable surfaces, quickly removes embedded dirt from coatings (whether or not they are protected by an emulsion), without altering their shine. Leaves a pleasant fruit fragrance inside the premises. Can also be used as a multipurpose cleaner on washable surfaces.
Does not foam and can therefore be used with automatic floor cleaners.
Suitable for hospitals, schools, gyms, changing rooms, shopping centres, hotels, motels, offices, restaurants, etc.



Thoroughly and effortlessly cleans and degreases paintwork. Removes all kinds of dirt: insects, grease, oily road film, etc.



ECOCERT-certified, ecological wood cleaner specifically designed to clean and preserve all types of laminate, sealed, varnished and polished wooden floors.
Marseilles soap gently and effectively cleans wooden surfaces. Combined with propolis, a substance produced by bees to protect their hive from outside elements, Parquet'Net V leaves a protective film to increase resistance to traffic and shocks.
Concentrated to make it economical and to reduce its environmental impact. This product is made with 99.5% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from colourings, preservatives and allergens, preserves the flooring's natural beauty.



Extra strong dissolver for all types of polish, even the oldest ones, significantly reducing labour time and costs by 30 to 50% if recommended dose and leave-in time are followed.
Can be used on all types of water-washable floorings (with the exception of wood, cork and painted surfaces).



2-in-1 product made of a combination of polymers for the maintenance and renovation of coated floorings.
1. Used diluted, cleans coated floorings and leaves a light protective film. Regenerates the protection by masking scratches and reviving its lustre.
2. Used pure, using a low or high-speed single brush with the spray method, renovates coatings which have been scratched or damaged by traffic, and can be used to delay the need for complete floor renovation.
Non-slip, boosts lustre and removes shoe and rubber marks.
Can be used on all treated floors, modern thermoplastics, porous tiles, rubber, linoleum, marble, terrazzo, Comblanchien limestone