Non-foaming alkaline detergent compliant with food contact regulations, particularly recommended to clean and degrease extremely dirty industrial floors, does not foam and can therefore be used with automatic floor cleaners.
Can also be used in various applications such as taking off posters and wallpaper, cleaning lorry tarpaulins and cleaning boilers.
Fragrance-free, meaning it is perfect in the agri-food industry to remove oils and mineral, vegetable and animal greases.



This chlorinated alkaline disinfecting detergent, which complies with food contact regulations, is particularly recommended in the agri-food industry. It has excellent degreasing properties to remove organic dirt and greases, even the toughest, in circuits, surfaces, utensils, equipment (tanks, pipes, cutting tables, counters) and floors. Whitens polypropylene surfaces, resin and tiles.
Contains a limescale complexing agent, meaning it is effective in hard and soft waters.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Cat and dog repellent, prevents pets from urinating on walls and floors. Can be used on doors, cement borders, skirting boards, along shop windows, etc.
High remanence thanks to the gradual diffusion of its active principle.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



No-rinse degreasing cleaner with excellent penetrating, emulsifying and dissolving properties. Its formula thoroughly cleans without leaving any smears or residue and is non-corrosive with the concentration used.
Particularly recommended for:
- Degreasing and cleaning stubborn deposits including grease, oil, hydrocarbons, ink and smoke stains, etc.
- Removing animal and vegetable fats in agri-food environments.
Effective on all metals and can be applied on all types of surfaces: floors, surfaces, equipment, machines, inside of vehicles, bodywork, cement, painted surfaces, tiles, natural stones, etc.
Quickly removes embedded dirt on surfaces, whether they have a protective coating or not, without altering the shine of emulsions
Fields of use: cars, garages, aeronautics, refineries, industries (marine, engineering, agri-food), building industry, communities, offices, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels etc.



Liquid laundry detergent suitable for all textiles in professional environments. Effective at low temperature (30°C) and for all types of waters, acts thoroughly even on the toughest stains. Gentle on colours, does not leave any marks and leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance on the laundry.



Solvent-based thorough cleaner recommended to clean and remove greases, oils, hydrocarbons and tyre marks on particularly hard to treat industrial floors. Complies with food contact regulations, has outstanding degreasing properties on oils and greases, whether they are vegetable, animal or mineral fats.
Also removes old emulsion layers and is effective on most types of graffiti such as markers and aerosols.



Strong stripping cleaner to clean and remove cement and concrete residues. Removes cement veils (bricks, tiles, hard stones, etc.) and removes limescale, saltpetre and rust marks.
Also effective to clean mixers, mixer trucks, cement mixers, moulds, forestays, etc. and can be used to descale heating devices, pipes, circuits and swimming pool tanks, as well as in the agri-food industry, since it complies with food contact regulations.


DTU 13

Pure white soap with glycerine, manufactured in Marseilles using 100% vegetable oils.
Dual use:
- Body: gently cleanses the skin, with the glycerine offering moisturising properties and protecting against environmental damage
- Laundry: removes stains and degreases while being gentle on the skin. Free from colourings and fragrances and biodegradable in 28 days.



Algae, lichen and green deposit killer with a quaternary ammonium base; its formula is highly effective to kill algae, lichen and green deposits. It has a curative and lasting action. Can be used on most materials (roof tiles, concrete, stone, slates, fibro-cement, tennis court surfaces, slabs, cobblestones, etc.) with no risk of corrosion, discolouring, smears.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.