Pro Plonge V is a washing-up liquid for manual dishwashing, certified by the European ECOLABEL, to effectively degrease and leave tableware, glassware and kitchen utensils sparkling. Dries quickly without leaving marks.
Tested under dermatological control*, high-tolerance even when used frequently and for sensitive skins thanks to its specific formula and neutral pH.
Made with 98% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from fragrances (in accordance with the European ECOLABEL for professional washing-up products), colourings and allergens.
* test assessing the product's primary skin-irritancy potential after single application under a semi-occlusive patch for 24 hours in adult volunteers with sensitive skin.


PLONGE Désinfectant

Strong manual dishwashing detergent with degreasing and disinfecting properties (bactericidal, levuricidal, fungicidal, virucidal).
Removes unpleasant smells thanks to its lemony fragrance.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.



Strong, concentrated manual dishwashing detergent with high emulsifying properties, neutralises the toughest greases and leaves glassware sparkling.
Contains a lemon fragrance to eliminate unpleasant food smells and a superfatting agent to protect the skin.



Multi-purpose chlorinated powder with high wetting and emulsifying properties for use in soft to hard waters for:
- renovation by soaking (shock renovation) or machine renovation (periodic maintenance) of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic cutlery and equipment, as well as kitchen equipment.
- dishwashing (objects, glassware) in industrial machines with no dosing device. Emulsifies greases and grime and prevents them from being redeposited on the tableware or on the walls of the machine.
- dishwasher renovation. Disperses grease, burnt grime and starch residues embedded on surfaces and keeps equipment looking like new while preserving it.