Highly concentrated acidic rinsing and drying agent for dishwashers. Leaves tableware dry, sparkling and smudge-free even at low temperature. Effective from 60°C without needing to increase the dose, can be used with all types of waters, even very hard water (up to 400 mg CaCO3/L) and with all types of professional dishwashers. Prevents ejector pump scaling. Its non-foaming surfactants control foaming in the dishwasher.



Concentrated liquid specifically designed to wash glassware and cups in glassware washing machines or in professional dishwashers. Powerful detergent properties to effectively remove greases, stains and grime. Its chlorinating agent removes tannins and traces of coffee, tea, lipstick, etc.
Its sequestering agents prevent limescale deposits. Glassware is left sparkling and free from white streaks. Its formula also prevents scaling in dishwashers.
Easy to dose with its measuring bottle. Can be used in hard or soft waters.



Specifically formulated to effectively remove greases and grime in soft waters (up to 100 mg CaCO3/L). Contains a chlorinating agent to help remove tannins, coffee and tea stains, and helps purify tableware.
Economical and effective.



Detergent designed to effectively remove all kinds of greases and grime, even in hard waters (up to 200 mg CaCO3/L). Its sequestering agents give a sparkling result and prevent white streaks.
Safe for aluminium, making it a product of choice to clean and remove grease from pans, cutlery, light metal equipment (silver, aluminium, etc.).
Prevents scaling in equipment and dishwashers. Can be used in pot washer machines or single-tray machines.



This rinsing and drying agent for dishwashers is highly concentrated in active ingredients and leaves tableware dry and streak-free. Its sequestering agents leave tableware sparkling and streak-free after drying. Does not produce foam, whatever the conditions of use. Can be used in all types of professional machines, compatible with all types of waters and with all our cleaning products.


PROMA 2000 C 20 L

This product effectively removes greases and grime of all kinds in relatively soft waters (up to 150-200 mg CaCO3/L). Its high chlorine concentration helps renovate tainted tableware (tannins, tea, coffee) and provides disinfecting properties. Its sequestering agents prevent limescale deposits on tableware (white streaks). Also prevents any scaling risks for the equipment.
Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and product information before using.


PROMA 3000 D

Super-degreasing liquid for dishwashers, for use in moderately hard waters (up to 200-250 mg CaCO3/L). Effectively removes greases and all kinds of stains and leaves tableware sparkling and free from white streaks. Particularly effective for glassware and cups.
Prevents equipment scaling



ECOCERT-certified automatic dishwasher cleaning liquid. Effectively removes greases, starch, albuminoidal substances, wine, tea, coffee. Its concentrated formula prevents streaks and scale deposits on glassware, tableware and on the sides of the dishwasher.
Can be used in soft to hard waters. Renovates tableware.
Proma V is made with 94.4% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from chlorine, colourings, preservatives and allergens.


PROMA 4000 E

Strong alkaline liquid used to effectively remove greases, stains and all kinds of grime in hard waters (250 to 350 mg CaCO3/L). Its formula, enriched in sequestering agents, prevents scaling on tableware and in the dishwasher. Leaves tableware sparkling and stain-free.
Suitable for all kinds of tableware and professional dishwashers.



ECOCERT-certified product, highly concentrated in active ingredients, for quick-drying and sparkling tableware, with no white streaks. Does not produce foam, whatever the conditions of use. Suitable for use in soft to hard waters.
Pro Eclair V is made with 99.6% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from colourings, preservatives and allergens.